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If you are looking for excellent hardwood floor refinishing, you do not have to look any farther. At Hardwood Floor Refinishing Denver, we have offered comprehensive and efficient hardwood flooring services for years. Our name speaks for itself in the hardwood flooring industry.

We are a licensed, bonded, and insured hardwood floor installers Denver company. Our fabulous team specializes in hardwood floor repair Denver, hardwood flooring refinishing Denver, and wood flooring installation Denver. We can handle any hardwood floor issues you may have.

As many of our employees are lifetime residents of Denver, we are proud to serve Denver county and the surrounding areas with honest and fair hardwood services. Our technicians are some of the best and most experienced hardwood specialists in this area. We know how to get things done.

Our customers value our commitment to excellent craftsmanship and our attention to detail. The details are what makes a great job done turn into an ideal job finished. We strive for all of our customers to walk away completely satisfied with the completed project.

We want our customers to be impressed, so provide prompt service as a staple of our team. Our quality, quick service, and excellent workmanship are the top topics for our returning customers.

A little mistake with wood floor refinishing Denver can turn into a disaster. Before the catastrophe happens, give us a call or continue scrolling our website for more information. We can schedule an appointment and provide all of the information required to make an informed decision.

We Provide Hardwood Flooring Refinishing Denver Deserves

Most experts will tell you that hardwood flooring can bring flair and style to a home. However, hardwood floor installation Denver or floor refinishing Denver can become a massive investment. This fact is especially actual if the job is not done the first time correctly.

With all of these facts in mind, it becomes essential to choose the right refinishing hardwood floors Denver company for the job. While most home improvements jobs can be completed by the homeowners, installing or floor refinishing Denver CO should be left to the professionals.

It can be dangerous trying to install or refinish a hardwood floor on your own. When choosing a professional, you can also rest assured that you are getting the best hardwood option for your particular situation as well as learn how to take care of your new floor.

Our experts are the best choice for your wood floor refinishing Denver CO projects for various reasons. We put experience at the top of this list because a wide array of factors can change a project’s scope. Our expertise and knowledge allow us to address all hiccups at the beginning of a project.

We also have the experience to help ensure you remain within your budget while still getting the most out of the products. Our expertise also helps guarantee that you get the highest level of workmanship and work standards.

When you call for dustless floor refinishing Denver, you will have people in your home that you do not know. Sometimes, these projects could take a week or more, depending on the scope of the work. You want to be sure to work with a hardwood company that is honest, timely, and respectful while delivering a top-rated product.

We invite you to review our referrals and check online reviews before calling. We believe that we are unsurpassed in these areas. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment.

Wood Floor Refinishing Denver Needs Today

Whether you are looking for hardwood floor repair Denver or dustless hardwood floor refinishing Denver, we have you covered. We offer an array of hardwood floor services, including refinishing, installation, and repair.

Our fully trained and highly qualified technicians are experts in repairing, installing, and restoring hardwood floors. We ensure every aspect of all of our services is done right the first time. We can repair, install, or refinish all types of hardwood flooring.

Our fully qualified technicians have extensive training and experience in all types of wood flooring, including aged oak floors to the more complex parquet wooden floors. These professionals are also skilled in using the most up-to-date tools and technology for most projects.

Sanding is the key to an excellent product when refinishing a wood floor. However, it is a skill that must be practiced to perfection. Our refinishers have years of practice before touching your home’s floors. We pride ourselves on our excellent sanding skills.

If you are ready to restore your hardwood floors to their former glory, try our hardwood flooring refinishing Denver or repairing services. If you are prepared to add a stunning feature to your home, contact us today for our fantastic hardwood installation service.

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Floor Refinishing Denver Hardwoods Deserve

As hardwood floors age, they endure wear and tear even though they are resilient. Dropping heavy items as well as moving furniture can scratch or gouge your beautiful hardwood floor. If your hardwood has any of these issues, refinishing is the best option for you.

We understand that a complete sanding and refinishing job will enhance your floor’s natural beauty. When you call us, we will schedule an in-depth meeting to discuss various options and a timeline for each of those options.

With our incredible products, you can choose from the following finishes:

  • Matte– This finish is an excellent choice for those who like a clean, flat look. This finish will hide scratches and dust.
  • Satin-If you want to add a little bit of shine to enhance the beauty of your wood grain, a satin finish is an excellent choice. This finish will also conceal small scuffs.
  • Semi-Gloss– To highlight the details of your hardwood floors, you should choose this finish.
  • High-Gloss– This finish requires hard work. It gives a mirror-like appearance, but work is needed to maintain your floor’s gleam.

Call us today for more information about any of our hardwood refinishing services.

Professional Wood Flooring Installation Denver Will Love

As professionals, we understand that your floor can be seen as the foundation of your home. We know that your home’s flooring will be the place of a variety of firsts. These firsts include your child’s first steps, a first Christmas, and various other precious family memories.

With all of these firsts, your flooring will endure wear and tear. However, regardless of this depreciation, your floors should still be beautiful and practical for your house. With these facts in mind, we offer you a wide array of flooring options.
Whether you prefer vinyl planks, engineered wood, solid hardwood, raw, laminate, or prefinished, we have you covered.

Our experienced professionals can handle a simple remodel or a complete overhaul. The first step we will take is to schedule an evaluation of your home. We will look at the layout, preparation needed, and the material requirement to provide you with a project timeline.

On average, our expert technicians can install around 200 square feet of hardwood each day. It should be noted that the choice of hardwood and width of planks can change this estimate. The raw wood installation will add three to four days, while prefinished flooring can be completed on the day it is installed.

If you know you want new hardwood floors, call us today. We can guide you in choosing the best option for your unique situation.

Expert Hardwood Floor Repair Denver Can Trust

Wood floor repair Denver is typically recommended when your hardwood floors suffer damage. However, if your hardwood floors are properly maintained, it will be a long time before hardwood floor repair is necessary.

Take the following steps to minimize the need for hardwood repair:

Step 1:

It would be best if you used a dust mop to ensure you are removing the finer particles of dust and grit that sweeping leaves behind. It would help if you utilized a dust mop at least once a week. If you choose to use a vacuum, it is best to use a soft bristle attachment.

Step 2:

When wet mopping is necessary to remove spills or dirt, you should use a trusted cleaner. Most hardwood floor cleaners will not damage the finish and will not leave a film.

Step 3:

You should never wax or polish your hardwood floors. These types of products typically leave behind a film that cannot be coated. Oil soaps should also never be used for this same reason.

Step 4:

If your floors have endured years of hard use, it may be time to recoat them. This process should be completed every three to five years, depending on the home’s traffic.

When you cannot avoid wood floor repair with maintenance, give us a call to schedule an appointment today.

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As experts in hardwood flooring, we recommend the following maintenance steps:

  • Promptly clean spills with soft terry cloth
  • Regularly dust mop or vacuum floors
  • Trap sand and grit by placing mats at interior and exterior doors
  • Every one to three, recoat your floors
  • Place an area rug near the pivot, high traffic, doorways, and stair areas
  • Use rugs without rubber backs to allow wood floors to breathe
  • Add floor protectors to all furniture bottoms
  • Keep the humidity in your home between 45% and 55%

The above items are just a few of the simple tips that we can provide to help minimize the wear and tear on your hardwood floors. Give us a call today for more information about maintaining the beauty of your hardwood floors.